Friday, April 3, 2009

This civilization cant fight terrorism

As I am a follower of Alwin Toffler's writings.He has wrote three best selling books.
1.The future shock
2.The third wave and
3.The power shift.
All are very use full.
In his very objective analysis he made the point that the over all form of a civilization depends upon the form of energy being used by the civilization in that period.At the time of feudal age the energy of oxes and horses were being used and in result the feudal social structure emerged at that time.Kings,knights and warriors were at the top of power.Mans physical labour and agriculture were the base of the society.As fossils fuel i.e. coal and oil were started using the great industrial revolution came into existence.In this phase the base of the society was mass energy consumed by the society and the result was the emergence of new institutions that are mass media.mass society,mass communication,highly populated cities,factories ,cinema halls,large community halls, e.t.c. every thing is in its dense forms.The power structure is based on democratic decision making.Toffler says that the democracy in its pure form need persons not boundaries.physical boundaries and borders were the prerequisite of feudal society only.
According to the Toffler the future form of society is based on renewable energy sources,direct and online democracy with important role of IT and mind power instead of money and muscles power.Also independent renewable energy sources and spreads population.
In mass society the form of wars and fights were also industrial age wars, huge armies with mas destruction weapons were used during the fight with each other.Earlier these armies were very successful when they fought with feudal lords.
But now the industrial age has come to its maturity and democratic government system is in almost every part of the world.IT is now changing the power structure of the world.And all big armies of the big countries are of no use.A full flagged war between two countries ruins both.So all countries have there protective armies ,spending huge defence budget on them for protecting there border lines which are never required in a democratic system(people are needed instead) .
On other hand terrorism is a modern phenomenon. It is using all tactics of future society.There activities are state less,they are spreads every where,working in independent cells.Big and thickly populated cities are very soft and easy target for them.Huge army of a country cant act upon such elements because it would be resulted into war.Terrorists are using mind power making every time a new plan.They choose there own time and place for war.They attack on theaters,stadiums and other building of mass gathering.
So present civilisation which is dependent on mass energy and mass society, narrowed by its self created physical boundaries is just waiting for next big attack.
It can never fight terrorism.